We Have Over 20+ Years Of Experience On Astrology

General Consultation

Health, Wealth, Job, Career, Family issues, Abroad Opportunity and Future Predictions.

Marriage Matching

We verify the horoscope of bridegroom for all types Doshams, Dasa puthi periods, Child, Etc.

Wedding Date Fixing

Fix perfect wedding date as per numerology and make them live happy.

Naming by Numerology

We check your desired names based on numerology with Pyramid Rajanillai, Name chart calculations.

Auspicious Day Fixing

We fix the auspicious day for, Grahapravesam, valaikappu, and other happy events.

Naming Firm

We check your Company's desired names based on numerology Calculations for Good Business.

Phone Number Booking by Numerology

This service only for Tamilnadu People. We give Mobile Number as per your Horoscope.

Vehicle Number Suggestions by Numerology

We suggest Vehicle Number as per your Horoscope. For Cars, Two Wheelers and Other Vehicles.

Gemstone or Herbal Amulet Suggestion

Wearing the appropriate gemstone can increase the corresponding planet’s positive effect.

Individual Horoscope Report Book in Tamil

It's a Computer Horoscope Report book. (Sample Inside) If you need predictions, Go for General Consultation

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